Our full program includes up to one year of residency. It begins with a 90-day commitment. There are three progressive phases in the year-long recovery program: Phase I takes three months to complete, Phase II takes six months and Phase III takes a final three months of residency. Each Phase is designed to meet the needs of our residents as they walk through their recovery. We call it the 3|6|3 plan.

Life Begin | 90 Days

All incoming residents start in the Life Begin phase. The safe, structured environment is the right place to begin the recovery process. The caring, trained staff help facilitate stabilization and orientation through Bible teaching and group sessions.

Life Construct | 6 Months

We strongly encourage residents who complete the first 90-day phase to continue their growth and healing by moving on to the Life Construct phase. The emphasis of this critical phase is integration and formation through teaching and mentoring.

Life Equip | 3 Months

With successful completion of the Life Construct phase, residents have the option to complete the 12-month program with the Life Equip phase. This final 3-month module focuses on implementation of the growth, life skills and learning of the first two phases and prepares the resident for transitioning into a new, addiction-free lifestyle.

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