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Most people who enter Lansing Teen Challenge simply call and make an appointment. Once here, we can fully explain the process for entry. An application can be filled out at the same time. Many people feel a sense of urgency about coming to Lansing Teen Challenge and simply calling for an appointment is often the fastest and most efficient way to enter.

In general, there are three requirements for admission: 1) complete and submit an application, 2) schedule and meet with a Lansing Teen Challenge interviewer, 3) submit payment of entrance fee (unless prior arrangements have been made).

Your interviewer will discuss any additional steps that may be necessary. Please call us at 313.531.0111 for more details.

If you prefer, you may fill out a pre-application request form. Once submitted, we will contact you. Just click the button below:

For addresses and maps to Lansing Adult and Teen Challenge, click here: address and map

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Lansing Teen Challenge relies upon the support of the local community to do its work. We receive no funding from federal, state or local governments. Will you help us provide hope, healing and help to men and women who struggle with addiction?

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